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Summary to my CLL

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In June 2009 my doctor diagnosed CLL (chronic lymphatic leukemia).
Fortunately, this is not a life-threatening illness, you have to keep an eye on the progress. I will have no or little effect for a long time.
Simply put, my body produces too many white blood cells (leukocytes). These malformed blood corpuscles are "malformations" and have no function, but are not recognized by the body as wrong and therefore not degraded by the immune system. If there are too many of those malformed bloodcells, they displace the good ones.
Until the beginning of 2016, I have lived with this disease very well. I went to my doctor regularly. She prescribed me homeopathic remedies. Regularly I gave myself injections with a mistletoe extract.
January / February 2016 I fell ill with a flu (which was exactly a pneumonia!). The doctor gave me antibiotics and found out that she could not measure my leukocyte value with her device. Presumption: the flu has increased this value. She wanted to control the value after my recovery.
As I felt a cardiac arrhythmia, I asked her to listen to this. "It's called an additional heartbeat 'Galopper', I'll refer you to a cardiologist".
On February 25th I was at the cardiologist's. He checked me thoroughly, sending blood to the lab for inspection.
A day later, Friday, February 26th: call from the cardiologist, "Please come to me, I need to tell you something".
"Your leukocyte value is extremely high, normal is a value of 7,000, you have 700,000, there is a risk of thrombosis, so I will need you to send you to the St. Gallen Hospital today".
After 20 days and chemotherapy and antibody therapy, the leukocytes are back in the normal range. I just need to go to a checkup about every 6 month.
I know that I will be as fit and strong as before.
The bottom line: I am lucky that I am not suffering from an aggressive leukemia!
It can go as fast as that.

  • Result of the first check-up (February 2017): all the relevant blood parameters are in the green range!! GREAT!!!
  • Result of 2nd chek-up (Feb 2018): All fine, only the value of the red bloodplates is a bit low (145 instead of 150)
  • Result of 3rd check-up (March 2019): So far o.k. white bloodparticles slightly high red bloodplates slightly low

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